MANDATORY TRY! 11 GAME STRATEGY AS coolest Clash of Clans

Want to play games like Clash of Clans? Some time later this year or even the year, Clash of Clans still dominate in Google PlayStore and iTunes as the best selling game on Android and iOS. It is also inseparable from the role of team marketing Supercell who had promoted on a large scale to make its products more victorious.

Beyond it all turns out many other game developers who create similar games, tracing games of crude raw and revamp / modification to the game. Call it IGG which publishes game Castle Clash, or Samurai Siege game and other games more interesting. Here is a 11 Game strategy like Clash of Clans:

  1. Castle Clash
  2. Samurai siege
  3. Clash of Kings
  4. Game of war: Fire age
  5. raid of Dino
  6. Clash of Mafias
  7. Battle Island
  8. age of Warring empire
  9. Empire Siege
  10. clash Of Vikings

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